Demian Albers


Demian Albers was Born in Breda in the year 1983. Since he could hold a pencil in his hands, he spend his days drawing all kinds of weird stuff. He loved reading comics and watching cartoons while growing up. When he finally came in contact with the wonderful world of animation his eyes lit up and a whole new world opened before him. Studying at the ST. Joost academy in Breda he learned all that could learn about this magnificent art form. He further enhanced his knowledge by getting a Masters degree in Belgium at the KASK in 2009

With 4 fellow artists Demian started the artistic collective APVIS, combining the world of independent animation with the commercial world. He gets his inspiration from the things he experiences in everyday life. Combining them with absurd humour and surrealistic imagery he hopes his films pull people away from their everyday life. Check out for more of his work and to see work from his fellow creatives.

“A day not drawing is a day not living.”